Nate Hefner
Website Design Team Member
Class of 2019. Nate joined the fyi sci team in the winter of 2017. He was attracted to the club because of its goal to show scientific research’s relevance in our daily lives. As a science enthusiast, he believes it is extremely important for others to see how journals and experiments apply to what we do every day, and that we should be cognizant of what is discovered about the world around us. He feels that fyi sci is a special group with a unique mission to look at science in a new way, and he wants to help accomplish this mission. Nate is a member of the Social Media and Communications Department, where he operates the Facebook page, contributes to website design, and helps fyi sci reach a wider audience. Aside from contributing to fyi sci, Nate plays football, basketball, and baseball for Pingry, loves to travel, and is a member of Model UN.