The videos team┬áresearches scientific ideas, composes original scripts, and designs and records┬ávideos on a regular basis. The team typically publishes about five videos per year. They are currently working on FYI Sci’s first video series, which will examine important sources of energy that contribute to our society. Take a look at some of their most recent publications below:


Intersections Between Politics and Science


Energy Series, Part I

Energy Series, Part II

Artificial Intelligence

Climate Change

Meet the Team

Anika Govil
Head of Videos
Christian Colella
Video Team Member
Carolyn Coyne
Video Team Member
Alexis Matthews
Video Team Member
Caleb Park
Video Team Member
Annabelle Shilling
Video Team Member
Grace Stowe
Video Team Member
Milenka Men
Video Team Member
Annika Shekdar
Video Team Member