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Students publish a monthly column that introduces readers to compelling topics in bioethics, digital ethics, and business ethics. It is FYI Sci’s goal to engage the community and initiate discussion about these topics.


Are Americans Relinquishing Technological Privacy to Ensure Safety?
Cashless Businesses: Efficient or Exclusionary?
Human Gene Editing: The End of Suffering, or the Beginning of a Genetic Caste System?
The New CEO: Chief Ethics Officers in the Age of AI
Fair Trade vs. Free Trade
Digital Pills & Big Pharma as Big Brother
Genetic Determinism and Personal Responsibility
Facebook Scandal
The Scandal behind Facebook and the 2016 Election
Human Testing & Consent
The tragedy of being a control in a human experiment
Digital Ethics
The societal impacts of artificial intelligence and other digital innovation
Patient Cell Lines
How one woman’s story epitomizes the ethical controversy surrounding patient cell lines
Genetic Modification of Foods
Exploring the Controversy of GMOs
Compulsory Vaccinations
Your Money or Your Life? The High Cost of Life-Saving Drugs
The Ethical Implications of Drug Company's Profits
Who Am I? Do I Really Want to Know?
At Home DNA Tests: The Growing Debate

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