Climate Change and Bat Species Density May Have Been a Factor in the Pandemic

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The pandemic has had a devastating impact, having infected over 110 million people worldwide. Covid-19 began in China when the virus made...

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As social media becomes a larger part of our lives, more studies show it may be harmful to our mental health. Social...

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COVID-19 Vaccine Info Sheet

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The Types of Vaccines: The vaccines listed below are ones that will be monitored in an upcoming clinical trial. It is important...

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The Symbiotic Infection of Herpes

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Herpes is an infamous disease that is often misinterpreted as being simply a common STI. In fact, this family of viruses is...

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New Discoveries in SARS-CoV2 Genome leads to possible involvement with COVID-19 Vaccines

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COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, is a deadly virus that attacks the respiratory system. Scientists around the world are working to find a...

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Night Owl Teenagers May be Predisposed to Allergies and Asthma

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Many teenagers are night owls, meaning they sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning, but that is not...

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Human’s Newfound Relative: The Ikaria Wariootia

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For 15 years, scientists agreed that fossilized burrows found in 555 million-year-old Ediacaran Period deposits in Nilpena, South Australia, were made by...

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The Importance of Sleep on the Cellular Level

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A good night’s sleep will make anyone feel refreshed and ready to face the day ahead. Now, for the first time, scientists...

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Novel Migraine Drug Shows Promise

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A migraine is characterized as severe head pain. People who suffer from migraines may experience a variety of symptoms, including nausea and...

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The Creative Brain

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Creativity plays an important role in today's world, but little is understood about it. A common misconception about creativity and the brain...

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