Night Owl Teenagers May be Predisposed to Allergies and Asthma

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Many teenagers are night owls, meaning they sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning, but that is not...

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Human’s Newfound Relative: The Ikaria Wariootia

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For 15 years, scientists agreed that fossilized burrows found in 555 million-year-old Ediacaran Period deposits in Nilpena, South Australia, were made by...

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The Importance of Sleep on the Cellular Level

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A good night’s sleep will make anyone feel refreshed and ready to face the day ahead. Now, for the first time, scientists...

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The Creative Brain

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Creativity plays an important role in today's world, but little is understood about it. A common misconception about creativity and the brain...

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Breeding Causes Changes in the Anatomy of a Dog’s Brain

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Dating back thousands of years, humans have bred dogs for their temperaments, personality traits, and physical characteristics. If someone wanted to develop...

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Study Published in the British Medical Journal Finds Potential Link Between Sugary Drinks and Cancer

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The consumption of beverages with artificial sweeteners and high natural and added sugars has increased dramatically over the past two decades. Between...

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Two Versions of the Letter “g”

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Despite reading the printed letter “g” thousands of times in our lifetime, the majority of people cannot identify the most common form...

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Bees Understand Math Too!

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Humans are not the only species that can solve math problems. After learning that honeybees understand the basic concept of zero, researchers...

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Why People Enjoy Coffee

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A major sign of the winter season approaching is when Starbucks changes their traditional cup to a holiday-themed one and introduces special...

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Newest Rover Landing on Mars Since 2012

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Last week, on November 26, was the first time since 2012 that a rover has attempted to land on Mars, near the...

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